Welcome to Shop The Courts, where pickleball is more than just a game—it's a lifestyle.

Allie and Chris, newlyweds and owners of Shop The Courts fell in love with pickleball after being introduced to it by Allie's parents while living in Hoboken, New Jersey. Their initial pickleball matches, full of laughter and lessons on proper footwear, quickly turned into a deeper passion, highlighting pickleball's unique ability to bring people of all ages together.

As time passed, their love for pickleball deepened, and they met incredible people who shared the same enthusiasm for the sport. Chris even plays with members of a 55+ community multiple times a week. He's proud to be the only one under 55 on their email list!

Through these experiences, they realized there wasn't a good option to purchase pickleball-related gifts for people. They saw the need for high-quality, unique pickleball gifts that players and fans would love. This realization, combined with passion for the sport, and Chris's entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Shop The Courts—a brand that reflects both the energy and elegance of pickleball.

They envisioned Shop The Courts as more than just a brand; it was about building a community around a sport that blends competitive spirit with social interaction.

From apparel and dog toys, to drinkware and more, Shop The Courts products make perfect gifts for any pickleball enthusiast.

Join this incredible journey, become a part of the community, and share in the joy that pickleball brings. At Shop The Courts, we're excited to support your pickleball journey, both on and off the court.

- Allie & Chris ❤️